In the past, if window glass was scratched, stained or defaced, replacement was your only option. Now, Suntamers NZ brings you their cost effective alternative.

In 2003, while installing anti-graffiti window film we were asked if we could help with glass that was already scratched and developed a system to remove the scratches.   Since that first success, we have refined our system which restores glass to as new finish in most situations

If you’re involved in property maintenance or insurance in the retail, construction, marine, public facility, or transport industries, you may be paying thousands of dollars to replace the damaged glass – or perhaps putting it off because of the cost.  In most cases, ScratchPro can provide the solution.

We have successfully removed the damage in a variety of situations, including:

  • accidental scratching
  • graffiti and vandalism, including acid graffiti
  • weld splatter and grinder marks
  • efflorescence from marble and ceramic tile surfaces
  • salt and hard water stains
  • careless cleaning and chemical residue.

Glass damage removed and completing final polish.

We have the technology, we have the knowledge of glass and we have the experience of working with it. So when you need professional glass scratch removal & restoration services call or email us.

As well as providing Glass Restoration services we can provide you a great range of Surface protection which can prevent the damage happening in the future.

Glass tagging

Scratched glass, not long ago the only time you heard or saw this was a windscreen scratch or over enthusiastic sanding of window frames….. Sadly not these days to the anger and frustration of many retailers, property managers and insurance companies. Glass tagging, etching or scratchitti of shop and commercial premises windows has become a real problem. This is a real in your face crime that is not as easy to get rid of as pen and paint tagging and sadly for many business owners the defacing of their business is something they have learnt to live with. Can Scratchpro help?

Simple answer Yes

We can remove the scratches and restore the glass and install Anti graffiti to protect the glass from future attack.

Scratch Removal for Construction Companies and Glaziers

ScratchPro has extensive experience in removing scratches on-site for NZ’s major construction companies and glass installers. Typical damage is caused by hard objects, such as plant or tool boxes being left on glass prior to installation or damage by tools, ladders or scaffolding during construction. Regularly, problems occur when the mortar, labels or paint is being removed from glass or mirrors.


Weld Splatter and Grinder flash
ScratchPro can restore glass that has been damaged by weld splatter, i.e. when metal has been burnt into glass as a result of grinding, welding or cutting metal in close proximity to glass. Typically this type of damage becomes more apparent over time as the metal rusts and stains the glass.

Weld splatter on glass lift doorRestored lift door glass

The most common damage we are called on to restore has been when the glass has been cleaned using the wrong equipment and poor techniques. The resultant damage appears as very fine scratches in a random pattern over the entire glass surface and typically looks worse in the early morning or late afternoon.

This type of damage is very difficult to photography well because of the resolution limits in lighting and capturing these images

How often have you looked at a piece of glass and tried to clean it only to find it was water stained?

Water stained glass in public pool/gym

We see the reality of this every day with showers, pool surrounds, and windows.
Glass is highly susceptible to the build-up of mineral deposits due to its chemical makeup and the higher the mineral content in the water that comes in contact with the glass the greater the problem.
This is most evident in volcanic regions and where municipal authorities use water from artesian bores.
While there are a number of DIY products available from your local hardware and cleaning supplies they all require considerable physical effort. This might be ok at the start but without this effort being sustained the results are often disappointing.
Below are before and after photos where we have been put to the test. This was after commercial cleaners, window cleaners and glaziers have told our clients replacement was the only option.
Pool glass beforePool glass after

Special projects

Every business has it’s challenges and when the property managers at Wellingtons Majestic Centre turned off the tap to the Water Cascade after 15 years they found the most severe staining we had ever seen.

The refurbishment was to include replacement of the waterproof lining and installing a new diode lighting system. The state of the glass would become even more apparent when this was completed.

Below are before and after photos.

Water cascade glass beforeMajestic cascade feature affter


Q:  Can you take out hard water spots?
A:  Yes as seen in the swimming pool surround photos we can remove even very severe water spotting. Both on exterior windows and interior glass showers. We can restore any type of flat glass as long as it is not broken.

Q:  Can you remove scratches from construction damage?
A:  Yes we have had a number of major successes with this type of work. We routinely work for contractors, property managers & homebuilders.  They are relieved to spend a fraction of what they used to spend to replace glass. The repairs are completed on site, without taking the glass out. Occasionally because of access and the scope of the work we also have advised clients glass replacement would be more viable.

Q:  Does it work on safety glass?

A:  Yes we have restored both laminate and toughened safety glass. An important part of glass restoration is accurately identifying glass types and thicknesses as this guides the correct temperatures and techniques to achieve the best results.

Q:  How deep of a scratch can you remove?
A:  Deep.  We haven’t ever had a scratch we couldn’t remove. However, logic and experience is the best measuring stick on scratch depth.  Traditionally glaziers have said if you finger nail catches on the scratch it can’t be removed but we’re not glaziers and the majority of the work goes beyond that boundary.  Deep damage like this does take a bit longer to repair but it can be done effectively.

Q:    Is there ever any distortion from polishing?
A:    If the scratch is very severe, some distortion may occur. Glass, by it’s very nature, is not completely flat and distortion free anyway. As glass is coming off the floats, it is moved on a conveyor system. This process often causes roller waves that are noticed when glass is viewed from extreme angles or especially is visible within 1.5m of the edge of larger pieces.

Q:  Do you sell systems?
A:   Yes along with system training and follow up. Price available on enquiry. Financing available to suitable applicants