Privacy is important. With more of us living in high density housing, townhouses and apartments, our windows are more visible and accessible.

Discrete Privacy with Dual Reflective Window Film – Suntamers NZ

Privacy can be increased in four ways with window film. Window film can:

  • Make the glass appear mirrored with  reflective films from 12% to 60%
  • Make the glass appear darker with tint and dual reflective films.
  • Make the glass look frosted with etch & sandblast films.
  • Make the glass opaque with black, white or solid colours.

The option that is best for you will depend on your individual circumstances. The level of privacy with both darkening and ‘mirroring’ the glass will depend on the existing light levels in your home.

When views need to be retained often dual layer films are used these have the unique benefit of the internal face being being non reflective and the external face being available in different degrees of reflectivity.

One way vision films

A one way mirror film can give glass the capability to act as a one way mirror, but it is the surrounding lighting conditions that actually dictate whether the mirror effect will work and the strength of the mirror.

As you know from at home, standard glass already produces somewhat of a one way mirror effect. The side with the most light is the side that will see a mirror, whereas the other side will be able to see through. During the day you can see outside but passers-by struggle to see in. Of an evening, the effect is reversed, as it is dark outside and the lights are on inside. People can see in and you see your reflection.

Window Film works in exactly the same way, by enhancing this property. The greater the light difference, the stronger the mirror effect will be. When the ratio is smaller (similar light levels on both sides) we get ghosting, whereby it partially works both sides. With film we only need a 1:4 ratio of visible light for the effect to work, which means that it “activates” much sooner than untreated glass.

The key point is that the film is only part of the process, as lighting conditions play a controlling role.

Film recommendation:  Solar Gard True Vue 30 or True Vue 15 depending on the amount of exterior reflectance(mirror) and interior light levels.

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Sandblast and etch films can be easily applied to existing glass and have many benefits.

  • To display logos and corporate images
  • As decoration to lift an otherwise ordinary partition or door
  • To increase privacy in open plan offices
  • As a ‘vision’ strip or manifestation to make windows, doors and partitions safer

Create magic with Glazing Film Designs on windows, doors, partitions and even balustrades.

Beautiful Pohutakawa print on Shower glass from Suntamers NZ

Suntamers NZ hands the reins of creativity over to you, our customer. The concept is simple: dream up your design, we consult with you on which film best suits your needs, and then we print. As easy as that you now have a work of art printed onto top quality window film ready to be installed. If you’re stuck for inspiration, no worries; call or email our design and installation consultant who can help you from start to finish.

Why window film? Unlike vinyls available from the sign industry our window films are made with PET which is a much tougher material and has a higher clarity than vinyl products. Window films are also dimensionally stable which means they can’t stretch or distort logos and images.

After decades in the window film industry, we have expanded to bring everybody the opportunity to turn their glass into works of art. So, whether it is for a bedroom, kitchen, office, or any other space now is your chance to indulge your imagination and create a unique and enjoyable space.

Our window film experts will be happy to give you an onsite consultation and recommend a solution that is best for you. Call today for a no-obligation consultation.

Meeting room doors frosted – Suntamers NZ

Frosted film for Deck Privacy – Suntamers NZ

Frost Film for Street frontage privacy - Suntamers NZ

Frost Film for Street frontage privacy – Suntamers NZ

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