Thermal Insulation (low E) window film works by reflecting the infra red radiation that hits the film surface back into the room. We are happy to provide an in home demonstration using a thermal imaging camera to confirm this.

Before and after IR image of Solar Gard Ecolux _ Suntamers NZ

Before and after Thermal (Infra red) reflection from Solar Gard Ecolux _ Suntamers NZ

We use your existing glass rather than send the windows and frames to landfill because despite what you may have been lead to believe window glass cannot be recycled.

And because the films don’t increase the weight or thickness of the windows there’s no need to modify or change the frames or hinges. The film is applied to the inside surface of your windows so no scaffolding is required and can be completed in days with minimal disruption.

And the best part because of the energy savings and the low up front cost the payback period can be counted in years rather than decades.

Solar Gard Ecolux 70

Environmentally friendly Ecolux 70 window film helps you achieve energy and carbon savings, improving insulation performance by up to 88%.

Full technical data as to how the film relates the NZ Building Code Insulation requirements is available.

This state of the art Low Emissivity (often referred to as Low-E) film offers year round energy savings and comfort through its combination of superior solar control properties and unique coating. Applied internally to glass, together these advanced technologies keep the sun and ambient heat out in summer, while the special Low-E coating for winter works to reflect the radiant heat back into the room.

• Improved comfort
• Smart savings
• Natural day lighting
• UV protection
• Insulation improvement

As window films have become more advanced the need for experienced installers  has become more critical as well. Our years of on the job experience with traditional solar control and safety films has been enhanced with the Solar Gard International Training programme.

Suntamers use specialised  film cutting equipment imported from the USA to avoid damaging the edges and creasing the film prior to installation.

Installing a high quality Low-E thermal insulation window film can allow up to 78% heat retention within your home without the need for expensive retro-fitted double glazed units with minimal disruption and at less than half the cost!

If you want to find out more about this product, click here Solar Gard Ecolux 70.Suntamers.

  • Double glazing too difficult and expensive, Solar Gard Ecolux 70 was the answer – Suntamers NZ

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