Frequently Asked Questions

Can the film be applied to our double glazed windows?

In most cases yes. We have been installing solar films to double glazed windows for many years and our clients have not experienced any issues with seal failures due to films being applied.

The film we recommend will always be in accordance with the Window film manufacturers Film to Glass guide. The manufacturers have decades of experience worldwide along with comprehensive testing to produce these Guides.

What is window tinting? Is it a film or a liquid?

The film is a coated polyester sheet that is applied to existing glass. Solar control films use a very fine metal coating, which filters the suns radiation including over 98% of the Ultraviolet light.

How does window film stick on?

A clear adhesive is applied to the film during manufacture this is covered by a protective backing sheet that is removed during installation. The only chemical used in the installation is a mild detergent.

Will it bubble, peel, or change colour?

No, so long as a quality film is used and installed to the standards the manufacturers specify. We have been Accredited Dealers of Solar Gard & Armorcoat films since 1993 and provide Manufacturers warranties.

What about the edges, will there be any gaps?

Yes, in order for the film to adhere properly to the glass an edge gap is necessary. Obviously the darker the film the more intrusive any light coming through an edge gap will be. That is where experience and quality installation standards make the difference.

Are there any window film installation standards?

Yes, we install to the International Windowfilm Association standards and can provide a copy of these before work is started. The standards cover all areas of installing window film including maximum edge gaps and trapped water and/or dirt.

How long will window film last? and does it go inside or outside?

Most of the films have 10-year Manufacturers warranties and several have Lifetime warranties. Inside in the majority of situations of course this helps it longevity and we are now seeing film we installed over 25 years ago still looking good.

Will window film make the room darker?

This depends on the film chosen the Safety films are absolutely clear but still provide a 98% plus Ultra Violet filter. The Solar control films may affect light levels but as your eyes automatically adjust to different light levels, the degree is generally only 5 ~ 10%. The term for the eyes adjusting is visual acuity and the actual percentage is noted on each sample.

How do you clean or care for window film?

The silicon hardcoat finish reduces the need for cleaning and risk of scratching. A damp microfibre cloth will remove marks and squeegee with detergent/water when necessary.

How do you remove old films/tints?

The trick here is being able to identify what type of film and adhesive it has. The majority of the time it is a manual task we use high-quality stainless steel blade glass scrapers with soap and water. And while there is a temptation to use solvents to speed the process they cannot breakdown the polyester layers and can be toxic and messy. Where appropriate we can lodge warranty claims with the film manufacturer on the homeowners’ behalf.

Customer Pre-installation Guide

Quality Manufacturers

Suntamers use Solar Gard, 3M, Llumar & Johnsons quality window films.

These window films/tints:

  • combat solar heat
  • deliver UV protection
  • provide safety and security in the event of natural disaster or break-in
  • are energy efficient

All of these manufacturers have very similar products however they may vary in technical specs, colour tones and roll widths. Our experience allows us to choose from all the major Manufacturers whose product suits your home and its solar aspect

All films we use have third party certification from Australian Fenestration Rating Council (AFRC). This body covers all window related products in Australasia and New Zealand. We can also supply Manufacturers Data sheets for all films which comply the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) standards in the USA.


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