Solar Gard® Antimicrobial Films

Designed to be easily replaced, Solar Gard Antimicrobial Films provide a virtually invisible barrier that protects flat surfaces from permanent damage. They also feature BioCote® proprietary silver ion technology, which is applied during the manufacturing process of these films.

Silver’s scientifically proven antimicrobial properties protect these films from the negative effects of microbes by inhibiting their growth on the protected film’s surface. With a long history of success as an antimicrobial, silver is one of the most widely used technologies in the world.

The BioCote® technology in Solar Gard Antimicrobial Films reduces microbial activity the moment microbes come in contact with the surface, protecting the film from odor and stain causing microbes to keep it cleaner and fresher for longer.

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Solar Gard® Metal Shield

Stainless Steel surfaces are common targets for taggers using various tools to deface the surface leaving sometimes irreparable damage.
Replacement or repair options are time consuming, very costly and never really restore the surface to the original appearance.

Metal Shield is professionally applied to interior or exterior surfaces erasing existing graffiti and renewing the original stainless steel appearance. Once installed, Metal Shield is undetectable and acts as a sacrificial barrier between vandals and the surfaces they attempt to deface.

Other Key Benefits:

  • Provides a glossy finish, which resembles the original stainless steel surface appearance.
  • Has a unique scratch resistant coating that effectively resists the effects of acid etching and routine cleaning.
  • The thick, 150 micron polyester based product, makes it difficult to penetrate and damage the underlying surface and effectively covers existing scratches providing a like-new appearance.
  • The exclusive adhesive system allows a qualified technician to easily peel away the film without transferring adhesive to the surface.

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