What is window frosting? Is it all the same? Can I do it myself? Well sort of ….

Most people are capable of sticking a piece of frosted film to a window however the comparison with school book covering and phone screen protectors is normally the closest experience that comes to mind. And often it has been a frustrating experience.

Frosted films for glass have been available now for close to 30 years. Initially these films were used as a quicker and cheaper alternative to acid etching or sand blasting. However the fact that weren’t permanent provided for great marketing opportunities.

The original products were 3m Frosted and Dusted Crystal, Llumar NRM & Solar Gard C90.

Of these only the 3M products could have logos and patterns cut in to them as they are a softer vinyl film that was developed by their Sign writing division.

Much tougher polyester films with non scratch coatings were developed by Llumar and Solar Gard. They were also a much closer colour match to the opaque glass products available from glass manufacturers.

These films were helped along by changes in Glazing regulations that meant that while acid etching or sand blasting can be being amazingly artistic it couldn’t used with safety glass.

Today all the sign writing film and window film manufacturers have equivalents to the original products. They are so close in appearance even experienced installers have difficulty telling them apart.

The future has already arrived with 4 colour digitally printed images on clear films that make the graphics appear to float on your windows and films that can fitted that with the flick of a switch become opaque.