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UV and Fade Protection films

Are your furniture and carpets fading? Suntamers install the invisible UV filters that make glass safer as well.

Privacy and Frost windowfilms

Your house isn’t a fishbowl but does it feel like one? Privacy window film could be the answer.

Solar Heat and Anti-Glare films

Suntamers can instantly make your home or business more comfortable with less heat and glare.

Thermal Insulation film (low E)

Solar Gard Ecolux is a great alternative to double glazing at 80% of its effectiveness and less than 1/2 the cost.

Safety, Security & Anti-Graffiti films

We were the first installers of Armorcoat safety windowfilm in NZ and 30 years later still installing it today.

Anti-Microbial & Surface protection films

Designed to be easily replaced, Solar Gard Antimicrobial Films provide a virtually invisible barrier against permanent damage and are the ideal solution for a large smooth high touch surfaces.