Solar Glare Filters

What is glare?

Glare occurs when our eyes cannot adjust between widely contrasting light levels. In an office you are often in an environment where the outside view is brighter than the room, or the office is north-facing and receives a great deal of sunlight. This glare can cause a significant amount of discomfort and irritation.

In your home, it can mean you have to close curtains or blinds on a sunny day to see your television or computer screen.

Is Glare a problem in your office? – Suntamers NZ

To reduce the effects of glare, Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) recommend all computer monitors are at right angles to windows. However, this may not always be practical or even possible in a modern office. In these circumstances, the alternative options are to cover the windows with blinds, which constantly have to be adjusted as the sun moves, or better still, have them treated with a solar control window film.

Solar control window films

Solar control window films can filter visible light levels by up to 80%. This reduces the amount of work your eyes have to do to adjust to the inside and outside light levels. It improves the visibility of computer and television screens and minimises eye strain.

And unlike blinds and curtains, solar control films don’t require adjustment or maintenance throughout the course of the day or the year.

With solar control films you can still enjoy your view!

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Solar heat filters

Installing Johnsons SV10 to skylight to reduce heat – Suntamers NZ

Solar control window film is the most effective method to reduce solar heat gain before it has a chance to overheat the occupants and fittings in a room or office.

In temperate climates like New Zealand, most office buildings operate air-conditioning systems to control the heat generated by computers, elevators, lighting, and building occupants.

However, significant pressure is placed on the ability of air conditioning systems to operate effectively due to the amount of sunlight entering through the windows.

Solar control window film will reduce the temperature within a room. Its proven heat rejection properties will reduce your company’s carbon footprint because your air conditioning doesn’t have to work so hard. Your work environment is more comfortable, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Solar Gard ST40 reduced the heat by over 60% – Suntamers NZ

Tinted and coloured glass

Many buildings already have tinted glass but still have the problem of excess solar heat gain.

Tinted glass absorbs solar heat then reradiates it back into the environment— just like wearing dark coloured clothing on a sunny day. Reflective solar control window films are a highly effective solution for this problem and work by correcting the heat balance while maintaining a consistent exterior appearance.

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